Tuesday, 24 February 2009

6 whole months

I'm starting my diet next month.It's called the Cambridge diet and it's my last resort.Well, not really my last but I need to shed weight fast. I'm cutting out carbs entirely and for the next 6 months, it's only shakes and soups for me so wish me luck!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Keep it up, Jade

I couldn't stand Jade Goody.I mean, honestly she represented everything I detested; loud, chavy, brash, attention seeking, fame loving e.t.c. However, when I heard the news about her cervical cancer, I instantly felt sorry for her. She has two lovely little boys and my heart went out instantly to them. I became her No 1 fan. Then, I heard her cancer has spread and it is terminal and she has only months to live. I was inconsolable; no woman deserved to die that way. My tears stopped immediately though when she said she was going to have it all on camera, even her dying day! This was too much. Is she really that fame hungry that she would go to any length to be in the public eye?! Then I realised this might be a publicity hungry woman hell bent on soaking up the fame for as long as she could but it has been reported that the no of women seeking cervical cancer screenings has gone up by 20%. Also, her children would have all the priviledges that she didn't have growing up, financially or otherwise all made possible by her being in the public eye. So I say, good on you Jade. I'm still ur No 1 fan.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Weighty issues

I currently weigh 107kg and I need help! Yes, yes, yes, welcome to my blog and all that but seriously, I'm at my wits' end, people. What is about weight that is so easy to gain and so hard to lose? Sure I've lost weight before, about 30 pounds infact but I gained it all back and then some! Now, I wish I hadn't eaten all those delicious treats.Hmmmmmmm... well, those days are now and truly over.It's time to get moving! So I need tips and lots of them. I know about portion control, less or no carbs at all,10,000 steps every day e.t.c. However, since I plan to make this a lifetime commitment this time, I need to start doing something I enjoy that makes losing weight and keeping it off easier.Hence, I intend to take dancing lessons. I simply adore dancing and knowing it's helping me to maintain my figure is a good thing. Another thing is squash which I have never played b4 but somehow, I know it would be a breeze for me( hopefully!) And yes, swimming which I heard is very good for weight loss. So there, I have 6 months to lose about 30kg and I plan to take u along with me.All the pain, tears, sweat, breakdowns, murderous rages, hunger pangs, everything. Oh boy, r we in for a ride!!!